We encourage teachers to send us their experience at school using 3D Polyfelt.

Once you get the material we recommend to cut the velcros "hook" as explained in this video:

Platonic solids

Time: 45 min
Number of pupils: 25
Age: 13-14 years old.
Material: Papercard, glue, and mini set of Small 3d Polyfelt.
We thank Anica Tričković, from OS "Toplicki heroji" Zitoradja, Serbia to send us this activity.

Regular tesselations

Time: 2 hours
Number of pupils: 25
Age: 12-13 years old
Material: Set of Regular Polygons / Full set of Small 3d Polyfelt

We thank David Crespo, professor at the Agave school of Almería for publishing a very nice activity on  "semiregular tessellations" in his math classroom.

Omnitrucated trucanted icosahedron

Time: 1:30 hour
Number of pupils: 15
Age: 6 -12 years old
Materials: 90 squares, 60 hexagons, 12 decagons, 20 dodecagons, and big balloon.

3d Polyfelt workshop during the celebration of the Andalusia Day, February 28th, at primary school CEIP San Fernando, Almería. More information about "truncation" of polyhedra and tillings here

Demirelguar tessellations

Time: 1:30 min (each)
Pupils: 25 (each mosaic)
Age: 8-10 years old
Materials: triangles, squares, hexagons, dodecagons (number depends on desired size)

CEIP Clara Campoamor, Huercal de Almería, March 10, 2015.

Taller de Polieltros en Mates en Movimiento

Time: 2 hours
Number of pupils: 10
Material: Set of Regular Polygons / Full set of Small 3d Polyfelt

Mosaic based on arab tilling, held in IES Alyanub, Almería

Time: 1 hours (no limit construction)
Number of pupils: 10
Material: Set of Regular Polygons / Full set of Small 3d Polyfelt (including dodecagons)
Teacher: Cristina García

From this arab tilling, students found out the underline mosaic by regular polygons, and make them with 3D Polyfelt in a colaborative way.

Tesselations of surfaces

3 session experience where students of different levels tessellate surfaces, compute their Euler characteristics, and apply the discrete Gauss-Bonnet theorem.