"3D Polyfelt: an educational gift, singular, fascinating ... mathematics, challenge and fun that "grips you" from the first time..."

"Polifieltros 3D: un regalo educativo, singular, fascinante... matemáticas, desafío y diversión que “enganchan” desde el primer momento... "

Marta Macho-Stadler (Universidad del País Vasco-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea)

"Este recurso educativo, es de lo mejor que me he encontrado: manipulativo, visual, reutilizable y... lavable". 

"This educational resource is the best I've found: manipulative, visual, reusable and washable ...."

David Crespo Casteleiro. Math teacher of Secondary School. Almería

"This game is great for use in the classrooms. Students enjoy in making different colorful creations and learn in the same time. Let math be fun!!!

Anica Tričković, Math teacher of Secondary School, Serbia.

"Es un material muy innovador. La gran variedad de actividades que se pueden realizar con él permite la posibilidad de utilizarlo con alumnos de cualquier edad y nivel. Trabajar con él es muy motivador, dado que es fácil de manipular y de gran atractivo visual. Es un magnífico complemento para las clases de matemáticas."

"Very innovative material. The variety of activities that can be done with it allows the possibility of using with students of all ages and levels.Very motivating, because it is easy to handle and visually appealing. Great complement for our math classes."

Lidia García, profesora de matemáticas en el IES Francisco Montoya, Las Norias, Almería, SPAIN.

"I have found 3d Polyfeld an excellent tool for teaching maths. It is simple but colourful, creating, enjoyable and helpful. My pupils like it very much. Just learn and have fun! I will surely use it, and show it to my colleagues from other schools."

Grazyna Morga, is professor at Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny Gimnazjum, Żernica, POLAND.

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