Flexible diamonds allows us to construct lots of coloured deltahedra, varied and having beautiful shapes!


This figure can be formed with just two diamonds, and also with 8 diamonds, but look at this other version with 18 diamonds. You could also try with 32 diamonds using different colours.

Tetrahedron with 18 diamonds


Octahedron with 16 diamonds. On the left, a deltahedron with 4 diamonds.


We know already Icosín, and many of its possible shapes. Here you can form an icosahedron with 10 diamonds.

Icosahedron with 10 diamonds. 

Stellated octaedron

Make stellated polyhedra with diamonds is a non trivial task. Here is one of the simplest ones, the stellated octaedron. We will come again with more figures like that very soon.


Stewart toroids

Here there are two ways to assemble a Stewart toroid with 24 diamonds.