Thursday, December 24, 2015


Investigate which of these nets give a cube. You can buy this puzzle in our Shop online

See solutions of this puzle here:

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Small 3D Polyfelt is already available with new geometrical puzzles! 

You will be able to assemble and disassemble lots of tillings, 3d figures and many other invented objects, in family or at school with classmates.

The game has been tested with great success in many schools and congresses of mathematics education.



Here is a list of figures that can be built with regular polygons:
  1. Platonic solids;
  2. Archimedean solids;
  3. Jhonson solids;
  4. Uniform polyhedra;
  5. Zonohedra; list of zonohedra by Georg Hart
  6. Regularsemiregular and demiregular tilings;
  7. Many other original objects (dresses, decorative objects, etc.). 

Sets available in our Shop online 

Basic set (38 pieces) 
20 triangles, 6 squares, 12 pentagons. Can be of different colours.

Medium set (58 pieces) 
20 triangles, 18 squares, 12 pentagons, and 8 hexagons.

Big set (108 pieces) 
40 triangles, 30 squares, 12 pentagons, 20 hexagons, and 6 octagons.

Extra: 12 Decagons + 6 Dodecagons (18 pieces) 

Full set: Big set + extra (126 pieces) 
40 triangles, 30 squares, 12 pentagons, 20 hexagons, 6 octagons, 12 decagons, and 6 dodecagons.

Each set includes a table of 2d and 3d figures. You can also have a look at our collaborative list of figures with solutions (under construction).

Other packs of polygons, colors, and shapes are available under request.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015


3d Polyfelt workshop during the celebration of the Andalucian Day, February 28th, at primary school CEIP San Fernando, Almería.

You can find more information about "truncation" of polyhedra and tillings here

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


To all users of 3DPolyfelt, here is a simple puzzle:

How to make a tetrahedron with these 6 pieces of 3DPolyfelt? 

It is important to consider the male and female joins of velcro correctly.

SOLUTION: Thanks to Raul Ibáñez, winner of the Edición 3.4 Emmy Noether, del Carnaval de Matemáticas, for inspiring the solution to this puzzle, and congratulations for this price.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today, some students of the IES Francisco Montoya, from Las Norias (Almería) have constructed the 2nd iteration of the Menger sponge, with the help of their math teacher Lidia García. They have used 1056 squares, 176 squares per 6 colours, one for each face. They have spent about 3 hours to complete it. Really cool and funny!

This project, started with David Crespo as explained in this post, will be presented at the XII Feria de la Ciencia de Sevilla together with many other manipulative games with fractals.

You can see it these days in the hall of the school center!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


How many squares do we need to build the 1st iteration of a Menger sponge? Children can easily count this, if they chose 6 different colors to make it, such that all squares looking at the same face have the same color. In the picture below, we see for instance that the yelow exterior face has 8 squares, and we have 4 more yelow squares in the interior. This gives12 squares per color, so times 6 gives 72 squares. For the second iteration we would need 1056 squares!! We will try to make it soon. If you are interested on a mathematical formula for this and the nth-iteration of the Menger sponge, please visit our blog Juegos Topológicos.

Here, we have pushed the corners to make this nice version with octogonal faces. The flexibility of this material allows to make new figures and shapes.

Mathematics is always fun with 3D Polyfelt, but children also like to play and make its own figures and constructions!

And you can make your own house to play with your dolls!

David Crespo with a Soma cube.
Lidia García making a kind of "dodecahedron" with 60 squares.